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1. Premise

In this section the relative information to the modalities of management of in reference to the treatment of the data of the customers of are contained.

The informative present has value also to the ends of the Code in matter of protection of the personal data (art. 13 of the d.lg. n. 196/2003) for the subjects that interact with and he is raggiungibile to the address correspondent to the page begins them:

the informative one is only rendered for and also for other situated ones web eventually it does not consult to you from the customer through link in it contained.

Scope of the present document is to supply indications approximately the modalities, the times and the nature of the information that the holders of the treatment must supply to the customers at the moment of the logon to the pages web of, independently from the scopes of the same, second connection the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of the personal data, re-united from the art. 29 of the directive n. 95/46/CE, adopted 17 May 2001 for the collection of the personal data on-linens.

2. Data treatment

In the course of the use of the relative data identifcate or identifiable you to presone can be deals to you in order to supply services that is to improve these utlimi as well as for basic services like the location of the language of the customer how much for more complex services.
Holder of the treatment is Giuliano Merelli like administrator of the “Merelli Immobiliare Srl” with center in:

C. da Santa Croce
62026 San Ginesio (MC)


the treatment of the data generated from I use it of happens near the center of the holder of the treatment with the participation of the subjects of it people in charge. In necessity case, the data connected to the service newsletter can be deal to you from in charge of the treatment or the subjects from it people in charge to such aim near the relative center.

Treaten Data

the cookies they are given that they come sendes you from browser to the Internet of the customer and come memorizza you from this in order then ritrasmessi to the situated one to the successive visit.
They can be used for monitorare the sessions, in order to authenticate a customer so that it can approach a situated one without digitare every time name and password and in order memorizzare its preferences.
Many types of cookies classifiable exist for for technical aspects, duration, origin and function.

Technical Cookies

is numerous used technologies in order to conserve information in the computer of the customer, than then collections from the situated ones come. Between these the most known and used it is that one of cookies the HTML.
They serve for navigation and in order to facilitate the access and the fruizione of the situated one from part of the customer. They are necessary to the transmission of communications on net electronic that is to the supplier in order to distribute the service demanded from the customer.
The formulations in order to manage or to disattivare the cookies can vary to second of browser the used Internet.
In any case, the customer can manage or demand the general disattivazione or the cancellation of the cookies, modifying the formulations of just browser the Internet. Such disattivazione can slow down or to prevent the access to some you leave of the situated one.
The use of cookies technical concurs the sure and efficient fruizione of the situated one.
The cookies that they come inserted in the browser and ritrasmessi by means of Google Analytics or through the service Statistics of Blogger or similari they are technical single if it uses you to fine directly of optimization of the situated one from the situated holder of the same one, that it will be able to collect information in shape combined on the number of the customers and as these visit the situated one. To these conditions, for the cookies analytics they are worth the same rules, in informative topic of and consent, previewed for the cookies technical.

Duration Cookies

From the point of view of the duration can be distinguished cookies temporary of session that is cancelled automatically to the term of the navigation session and serves in order to identify the customer and therefore to avoid the login to every visited page and those permanent ones that remains active in the PC until expiration or cancellation from part of the customer.
They could be installs to you cookies of session to the aim to concur the access and the permanence in the restricted area of the portale like authenticated customer.
They do not come memorizza you in persistent way but exclusively for the duration of fine navigation at the close of the browser and vanish with the closing of the same one. Their use closely is limited to the transmission of identified you of session constituted from accidental numbers generates to you from the serveur necessary in order to concur the sure and efficient exploration of the situated one.

Cookies of third parts

In relation to the origin the cookies are distinguished directly send you to the browser from the situated one that is being visited and those of third parts send you to the computer from other situated ones and they do not give what it is being visited.
The cookies permanent they are often cookies of third parts.
The greater part of the cookies of third parts is constituted from cookies of tracciamento used in order to characterize the behavior online, to understand the interests and therefore to personalize the advertising proposals for the customers. uses following cookies:
Cookies technical of navigation or session, cookies technical it works them, cookies technical analytics.
Could be installs to you cookies of third parts is analiti to us that of profilazione. They are send you from dominions of foretold third external parts the situated one.
The cookies analiti us of third parts they are employs in order to find information to you on the behavior of the customers on The survey happens in anonymous shape, to the aim of monitorare the performances and improving the usabilità of the situated one. The cookies of profilazione of third parts they are uses you in order to create relative profiles you to the customers, to the aim to propose advertising messages online with the choices manifested from the same customers.
I use of these cookies is disciplined from the rules predisposed from the third same parts, therefore, the customers invite themselves to take vision of the informative ones privacy and the indications in order to manage or to disabilitare the cookies published in the relative pages web.

Navigation Data

the systems informed to us and the prelocated procedures software to the operation of this situated one web acquire, in the course of their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of communication of Internet.
Draft of information that are not interested collections for being associated to is identified to you, but that for they same nature could, through elaborations and associations with data stopped from thirds party, to allow to identify the customers.
In this category of data IP addresses re-enter or the names to dominion of the computers use you from the customers who connect themselves to the situated one, the addresses in notation URI of the demanded resources, the timetable of the demand, the method used in subjecting the demand to the serveur, the dimension of the rows obtained in answer, the numerical code indicating the state of the answer given from the relative serveur and other parameters you to the operating system and the computer science atmosphere of the customer.
These data come use you to the solo fine to gain information anonymous statistics on the use of the situated one and in order to control of the correct operation and come cancel to you immediately after the elaboration.
The data could be use you for the assessment of responsibility in case of hypothetical crimes informed to us to the damages of the situated one: this eventuality saves, in the state the data on the contacts web does not persist more in order than seven days.

Data supplied from user

optional, explicit and voluntary the shipment of e-mail to the addresses indicate to you on this situated one involve the successive acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary in order to answer to the demands, let alone of eventual the other inserted personal data in the missiva.
Informative detailed lists of synthesis will come progressively brought back or visualized in the predisposed pages of the situated one for particular services at call.

3. Optional of the bestowal of data

the customer is always free to supply the personal data demands for the shipment of informative material, but how much necessary one for navigation.
The lacked bestowal, for against, can involve the impossibility to obtain demanded how much.

4. Method of treatment

the personal data are deal to you with instruments automate you for the time closely necessary to achieve the scopes for which they have been collected.
Specific measures of emergency are observed in order to prevent the loss of the data, use illicit or corrected and approached it does not authorize to you.

5. Rights of the interested parties

the information approximately the content, the origin, the exactitude, integration, the modernization that is the correction of the data are accessible to the owner of the same ones therefore as theirs the existence in arches you of that can be verified by means of demand. Parimenti has the right to ask the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data deals to you in opporsi let alone law violation, in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment.
The demands go turned by clicking here.

6. Data security provided

the emergency of the data is guaranteed during the use of the platform from the conformity of the procedures adopted from to the Code Privacy (D.Lgs 196/2003) with particular with regard to the personal data of the customer.

7. Modifications to the present document

the present document, published to the address:
constitutes the privacy policy of this situated one. It can be subject to modifications or modernizations.
The document has been dawned in ” span_id_data ” date 14/05/2018 for being in compliance with the normative dispositions in matter.